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Hello friends!  This page is for the purpose of asking for and/or providing advice from/to others.  It can be for anything that you would like to share or know.  How do I manage my time better?  Where is a good pizza place in town?  I found this trick helpful for studying…I had a bad day and here’s what I did to feel better…This website is really good for finding deals on cell phones…What’s a good recipe for hamburgers?  The list is endless.

Given that comments are welcome, I ask that you be respectful of others’ opinions and issues, it’s not always easy to open up to share things or ask for help; we all deserve love and respect.  There is no harm in CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or pointing out a mistake someone may have made about a fact or whatnot, but PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL.  All hurtful comments and threats WILL be deleted and you will be banned from commenting on posts on in this site.  Also, it must be stated that the identity of any users (if known to myself) will not be shared with anyone unless allowed by that individual user.

9 thoughts on “Life Hacksđź‘Š

  1. 6 Ways To Make Studying More Enjoyable

    1.) Study when you actually care. I know for me I’m useless past 8pm, unless there’s some deadline the next day – I usually try to study when I’m the most motivated (which is early in the morning). If you just keep forcing yourself to study, you might not learn much as you’re in the wrong mood.

    2.) Do it with a friend. Studying can be lonely sometimes; try studying with someone you have the class with and take turns asking each other questions or teaching concepts. Make sure they are at a similar level you are so neither of you keep each other behind or go too fast.

    3.) Have healthy snacks…that have found to be great brain foods! i.e. almonds, blueberries, dark chocolate, avocados.

    4.) Listen to some music. Music has a soothing quality to it and can take away from the silence and “roboticness” of writing notes or staring down a textbook. Make sure it’s something you won’t be distracted by…*cough*screamo*cough…unless of course loud noises don’t phase you.

    5.) Make a game out of it. See how many flashcards you can get right in 30 seconds, for every equation solved incorrectly do a push-up, eat a skittle if you can figure out the answer in under 3 minutes, etc. If you’re motivated enough to reach/beat your goal you may find you can get a little adrenaline going!

    6.) Make it amusing. Write up some funny pneumonic devices or create a relevant analogy. In my first year biology class my teacher gave us “desperate kinky people can often find good sex” for phylogeny (domains, kingdoms, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species); I’ll never forget that.


  2. 5 Tips To Start Off Your Semester Productively

    1.) Ease into it. Don’t go all hardcore and try to learn your first midterm’s topics in a week, otherwise you’ll burn out after a month and not really absorb anything if you’re trying to go too fast. It’s better to study at a consistent rate. At least in my experience.

    2.) Form study groups. Gather a few class mates and set up a weekly time. Teaching others is one of the best (if not the best) way to learn something. If you’ve never done it or don’t think you’ll like it, give it a go!

    3.) Find a way to organize your notes. Point form, spreadsheets, diary/journal form, computer, paper, chalk drawings, whatever you feel may work. If you don’t know what suits you best, try the, all and eliminate the ways that are not effective for your studying and learning.

    4.) Force yourself to answer questions. Often you will read a textbook or notes and say ” Yeah,okay. That makes sense, I understand.” But then when you are asked that same knowledge you’ve read about – but in the format of a test or quiz question you don’t know the answer. This is because reading and comprehending words and sentences are a different type of knowledge than being able to apply a concept to a question. I think sometimes that we don’t want to quiz ourselves because we are afraid we don’t know the answer; we may not, but that is what learning is for.

    5.) Make a realistic schedule. Pick time slots to work on specific things (assignments, tests, labs etc) and give yourself enough time to do things. Also make sure that you will actually have the time and energy to do them – studying not cramming in a bunch of facts when you don’t want to. It’s finding a good time that you will be able to be as productive as possible. For example: Don’t plan to study after your 8 hour shift ends at 9pm – most likely you won’t want to do anything much, maybe do a few questions or something light. It is okay to have breaks and spend your time studying when you feel your brain is most academically active.


  3. The anticipation, the excitement, all the build up from Trip Adviser…all to a grand disappointment. Often we build up our expectations when we’re going to a new restaurant because friends, family, coworkers or the internet have recommended it; the thing is, unless their palette is a carbon copy of yours, chances are you may think quite differently about the food that’s being served.

    I’m a major foodie and will walk miles to try a new restaurant that appeals to me or spend countless time on the internet trying to find what’s good in the town I’m visiting. Having much experience with disappointment at places, here’s some advice I give to you when looking to go somewhere new:

    1.) What do you feel like eating today? If it’s a future food stop, what do you think you’ll feel like eating?

    Often I find I’ve been disappointed with food because I wasn’t really craving what I ordered, I may have decided to eat that particular thing because of cost and distance to the restaurant.

    2.) How much time are you willing to take to get there?

    Essentially…are you willing to walk a few miles to face possible disappointment?

    3.) How much are you willing to spend?

    If money matters even the slightest bit to you, you’ll most likely enjoy your meal more if it’s inexpensive. Conversely, if you didn’t love love love your meal, it will seem even worse if you paid a lot for it.

    4.) How much food do you expect for the price you’re willing to pay?

    This is a huge one for me (yes I’m a fatty, not gonna lie here!), if I pay $17-$20 for a burger, it better be a 1/2 pounder with a shit-ton of fries and a nicely sized bun…not some little slider BS.

    5.) Try not to order something you regularly make at home or eat somewhere else.

    Bottom line: if it’s not better than the ones you’ve already had, then it will be worse and you’ll be sure to complain about it.

    5.) Are you willing to risk not being completely satisfied? I.e. If you’re not happy with your choice, will you be stewing about it the whole next day?

    Honestly, if you can’t decide where to go and what you want to eat, you don’t want to make a rushed decision about where to eat. Because if you’re anything like me, whom food means a lot to, you’ll be disappointed in a meal that you we’re 100% sure you were feeling in the first place. If you can’t make up your mind, it’s best to have a night in and eat something out of your fridge.


  4. Chill Out – Part 3: Miscommunication with Friends

    Did you go to the wrong Starbucks? Thought it was next Saturday? Came late? Miscommunication between friends happens more often then not and can be…and is extremely frustrating when you’ve been planning something for weeks on end. Once again, here’s the four step path to figuring things out in a logical and non-argumentive manner.

    Da Stepsa mahn:

    1.) Identify your frustration i.e. what is pissing you off?
“My friend did not confirm with me where we were going to meet and now I’ve been waiting for an hour.”

    2.) Ask yourself if there is any possible way YOU could fix the mistake.
    “I will call them and ask where they are.”

    3.) a.) If yes to the last question, then call them! If they don’t pick up…move to #4
    b.) If “no” to the last question, then you’ll just have to keep waiting. Set a time limit, i.e. if they’re not there in 20 minutes, you will leave. If you’re not able to text them then talk about it later on.

    5.) If you are still feeling very angry at the person…take a deep breath and use this logic: You can’t make them get to you any faster and you shouldn’t feel bad if you leave because you’re the one that was waiting; they never even bothered to get back to you. You’ve done your part.

    6.) If your friendship is worth it, then you will work things out – after all, everyone makes mistakes! If they’re someone that doesn’t bother to communicate with you, then they probably don’t value you very much as a friend and you should probably not waste your time on them.


  5. Hello again! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather (at least in Victoria). I will continue with last week’s theme of keeping your cool when we are the point of ripping some one’s head of with our words in anger due to their stupidity or our pent up frustrations.

    This week’s example will be about dealing with cashiers and salespeople at stores when you’re pissed off about not getting the service you want or such.

    The Steps:

    1.) Identify your frustration
    “This person is not making my phone plan work and are just referring me to someone else for help”

    2.) Ask yourself if there is any possible way YOU could fix the mistake.

    “Can I listen to and take their advice by dealing the 1800 #?”
    “Yes, I can when I have a spare 90 minutes of time”

    3.) If yes to the last question, call that 1 800 number!

    4.) If “no” to the last question….well you’ve backed yourself into

    5.) If you are still feeling very angry at the person…take a deep breath and use this logic: bugging the salesperson at the phone store will NOT help you. You’re NOT going to change how the company runs it’s business. Bottom line.

    6.) Do not continue to ask why the business works the way it does, just take the advice of the salesperson and be kind as they are only trying to do their job. Even if you suspect they’re not doing their job, just bite your tongue and move on, you’re not encouraging them to want to try harder getting all mad at them – in fact you’ll make them want to try less as you’re being one of those difficult customers that no one wants to deal with.

    Hope this helps!


  6. We all have those moments – whether it’s with a coworker, a friend, the unfortunate cashier at the grocery store, your mother – where we get to the point of volcanic eruption.

    Sometimes our frustrations can be valid, but many times it is just a result of lack of sleep, proper nutrition, and most importantly and relevant our own common sense and logic to calm ourselves down.

    Being an individual who has experienced several of these Anakin-Skywalker-Revenge-of-the-Sith-moments would like to share with you the methodology of calming the f**k down through the process of logic and common sense.

    Here’s an example for the workplace:

    1.) Identify your frustration
    “Someone didn’t stock the fridge when they closed last night, so I’m out of half the menu ingredients”
    2.) Ask yourself if there is any possible way YOU could fix the mistake
    “Can I stock the fridge right now?”
    — “No it’s busy, we’re having a lunch rush”
    3.) Ask yourself if there is any possible way anyone else could fix the mistake.
    4.) If yes to the last question: quickly make a list while you’re cooking and then give it to a coworker who is less busy to stock your fridge .
    5.) If no to the last question: quickly make a list, get the things you desperately need and then finish stocking after the lunch rush is done.
    6.) If you are still feeling very angry at the person who left you hanging dry, take a deep breath and remind yourself that bitching and complaining WILL NOT get food in your fridge! It will also distract you from doing your job well and others will be frustrated if you keep messing up orders. We don’t want to get yelled at, do we?
    7.) Confront the coworker who didn’t stock the fridge and calmly inform them of their mistake and provide constructive criticism

    Ex. “Hi Joe, how are you today? I noticed you kind of forgot to stock the fridge last night – it got pretty busy and I didn’t have many backups. Maybe if you can, try to stock as you go when there’s time in the evening so you can avoid forgetting when you’re tired at the end of your shift. That would help lots, thank you.”

    Hope this helps you guys! I’ll post another one next week with a different scenario!


  7. Hello everyone! I’m going to try to make a habit of posting something on “Life Hacks” every Tuesday morning starting TODAY!!!! Here you go:

    Three good habits to start out your work day:

    1.) Get up exactly when your alarm goes off – just push your ass out of bed, no matter how tired you are…once you’re up and about you WILL wake up (unless of course you’ve had very little sleep…in that case you should’ve set your alarm for later if possible!)

    2.) Don’t go on the computer or your phone for the first hour – this one can be hard as many of us are, by habit, used to constantly checking our phones, computers, and tablets.
    Why do I suggest this? With the technology distraction taken away you can make sure you’ve got all your stuff ready for work and avoid running late or forgetting anything important (like food and paperwork!)

    If you’ve got everything ready, then feel free to relax and tech away! Or maybe try being social or going outside if you’re cray cray enough?

    3.) Don’t try to do too much before you leave.

    Just STAAAAHP, you don’t have time to empty take out the garbage, shave your legs, do a load of laundry, and reply to your friends’ drama-filled email all in 15 minutes before work.

    Most likely if you try to get a bunch done you’ll end up doing if half-assed – your left leg will have hair while the right doesn’t, the new garbage bag may have a hole in it, your favourite shirt will be stained because you missed the spots, and besty-boo will be disappointed with your lack of advice.

    Just sayin’….


  8. Hello everyone! Some quick biking tips to save you time I was thinking on my way to work on Wednesday…

    -If the light ahead is going to be red soon and you are 100% not going to get it, slow down and coast into the zone where the cars are stopped. That way when the light goes green you don’t have to push of the ground and waste energy to start pedalling again, you can simply stop coasting and speed up!

    -If you aren’t slow enough to coast into another green and end up having to stop, you can always try balancing on your bike as you’re waiting.

    -Have a favourite route to get to places? NEVER go any different roads? Are ya in a rush? Well change it up and go with the GREENS! If you’re in a neighbourhood for it, take all the side streets – there’s no traffic (99% of the time) and you can cross and turn til your heart’s content…maybe even pop a few wheelies on the empty road!

    -If you leave your house and go up a hill like I do, make sure you’re in the lowest gears – pedalling on high gears up hill is terrible for your bike not to mention a lot of work! It took me multiple times of chains falling of to get it in my head to gear down when I came home down the hill. So if you’re coming home (or leaving) down your hill…remember this…DOWN the hill and DOWN the gears!

    Happy cycling!


  9. Hi, it’s me, the Vibrant Islander! I’m posting the first Life Hacks post!

    Stress gets to all of us multiple times per month, week, or even day if our buttons are pushed hard enough; sometimes we need a few minutes (or hours) of relaxing to put our mind at ease so we are able refocus on what we were doing. There are many ways to lower our stress levels…one of my favourite ways is watching funny or inspirational videos on Youtube.

    Here are some really neat ones with a peaceful theme to them:

    Search credits to my lovely aunt, Suzie Walsh who I’m sure will have lots of interesting things to bring to this page!


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