Bike Better!

Hello everyone! Some quick biking tips to save you time I was thinking on my way to work on Wednesday…

-If the light ahead is going to be red soon and you are 100% not going to get it, slow down and coast into the zone where the cars are stopped. That way when the light goes green you don’t have to push of the ground and waste energy to start pedalling again, you can simply stop coasting and speed up!

-If you aren’t slow enough to coast into another green and end up having to stop, you can always try balancing on your bike as you’re waiting.

-Have a favourite route to get to places? NEVER go any different roads? Are ya in a rush? Well change it up and go with the GREENS! If you’re in a neighbourhood for it, take all the side streets – there’s no traffic (99% of the time) and you can cross and turn til your heart’s content…maybe even pop a few wheelies on the empty road!

-If you leave your house and go up a hill like I do, make sure you’re in the lowest gears – pedalling on high gears up hill is terrible for your bike not to mention a lot of work! It took me multiple times of chains falling of to get it in my head to gear down when I came home down the hill. So if you’re coming home (or leaving) down your hill…remember this…DOWN the hill and DOWN the gears!

Happy cycling!

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