Life Hacks: June 1st, 2017

Hello everyone! I’m going to try to make a habit of posting something on “Life Hacks” every Thursday morning starting TODAY!!!! Here you go:

Three good habits to start out your work day:

1.) Get up exactly when your alarm goes off – just push your ass out of bed, no matter how tired you are…once you’re up and about you WILL wake up (unless of course you’ve had very little sleep…in that case you should’ve set your alarm for later if possible!)

2.) Don’t go on the computer or your phone for the first hour – this one can be hard as many of us are, by habit, used to constantly checking our phones, computers, and tablets.
Why do I suggest this? With the technology distraction taken away you can make sure you’ve got all your stuff ready for work and avoid running late or forgetting anything important (like food and paperwork!)

If you’ve got everything ready, then feel free to relax and tech away! Or maybe try being social or going outside if you’re cray cray enough?

3.) Don’t try to do too much before you leave.

Just STAAAAHP, you don’t have time to empty take out the garbage, shave your legs, do a load of laundry, and reply to your friends’ drama-filled email all in 15 minutes before work.

Most likely if you try to get a bunch done you’ll end up doing if half-assed – your left leg will have hair while the right doesn’t, the new garbage bag may have a hole in it, your favourite shirt will be stained because you missed the spots, and besty-boo will be disappointed with your lack of advice.

Just sayin’….

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