Life Hacks: June 22nd, 2017

Chill Out – Part 3: Miscommunication with Friends

Did you go to the wrong Starbucks? Thought it was next Saturday? Came late? Miscommunication between friends happens more often then not and can be…and is extremely frustrating when you’ve been planning something for weeks on end. Once again, here’s the four step path to figuring things out in a logical and non-argumentive manner.

Da Stepsa mahn:

1.) Identify your frustration i.e. what is pissing you off?

“My friend did not confirm with me where we were going to meet and now I’ve been waiting for an hour.”

2.) Ask yourself if there is any possible way YOU could fix the mistake.
“I will call them and ask where they are.”

3.) a.) If yes to the last question, then call them! If they don’t pick up…move to #4
b.) If “no” to the last question, then you’ll just have to keep waiting. Set a time limit, i.e. if they’re not there in 20 minutes, you will leave. If you’re not able to text them then talk about it later on.

5.) If you are still feeling very angry at the person…take a deep breath and use this logic: You can’t make them get to you any faster and you shouldn’t feel bad if you leave because you’re the one that was waiting; they never even bothered to get back to you. You’ve done your part.

6.) If your friendship is worth it, then you will work things out – after all, everyone makes mistakes! If they’re someone that doesn’t bother to communicate with you, then they probably don’t value you very much as a friend and you should probably not waste your time on them.

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