Life Hacks: June 29th, 2017

The anticipation, the excitement, all the build up from Trip Adviser…all to a grand disappointment. Often we build up our expectations when we’re going to a new restaurant because friends, family, coworkers or the internet have recommended it; the thing is, unless their palette is a carbon copy of yours, chances are you may think quite differently about the food that’s being served.

I’m a major foodie and will walk miles to try a new restaurant that appeals to me or spend countless time on the internet trying to find what’s good in the town I’m visiting. Having much experience with disappointment at places, here’s some advice I give to you when looking to go somewhere new:

1.) What do you feel like eating today? If it’s a future food stop, what do you think you’ll feel like eating?

Often I find I’ve been disappointed with food because I wasn’t really craving what I ordered, I may have decided to eat that particular thing because of cost and distance to the restaurant.

2.) How much time are you willing to take to get there?

Essentially…are you willing to walk a few miles to face possible disappointment?

3.) How much are you willing to spend?

If money matters even the slightest bit to you, you’ll most likely enjoy your meal more if it’s inexpensive. Conversely, if you didn’t love love love your meal, it will seem even worse if you paid a lot for it.

4.) How much food do you expect for the price you’re willing to pay?

This is a huge one for me (yes I’m a fatty, not gonna lie here!), if I pay $17-$20 for a burger, it better be a 1/2 pounder with a shit-ton of fries and a nicely sized bun…not some little slider BS.

5.) Try not to order something you regularly make at home or eat somewhere else.

Bottom line: if it’s not better than the ones you’ve already had, then it will be worse and you’ll be sure to complain about it.

5.) Are you willing to risk not being completely satisfied? I.e. If you’re not happy with your choice, will you be stewing about it the whole next day?

Honestly, if you can’t decide where to go and what you want to eat, you don’t want to make a rushed decision about where to eat. Because if you’re anything like me, whom food means a lot to, you’ll be disappointed in a meal that you we’re 100% sure you were feeling in the first place. If you can’t make up your mind, it’s best to have a night in and eat something out of your fridge.


  1. you’ll be disappointed in a meal that you “we’re” 100% sure you were feeling in the first place. (correction -you’ll be disappointed in a meal that you weren’t 100% sure you were feeling in the first place.) . Yes I know it may sound anal but stuff lke this bothers me lol.


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