Review Ravivaar (Sunday): Girl On The Train


Image Credits: Poster for The Girl on the Train. The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the item promoted, Universal Pictures, the publisher of the item promoted or the graphic artist.

You are safe – NO SPOILERS HERE!!!

I’ve not watched any movies for awhile, so I decided to join my Mom last night in watching “The Girl On the Train”.  The book it’s based off  (which I have yet to read) of seemed to be pretty popular this past year so I thought I’d give it a go; thrillers are usually pretty good.  Starring Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, John Theroux, Haley Bennett, and Luke Evans, this film is set in NYC and centres around two-years-divorced Rachel Watson (Blunt) – an alcoholic who, when intoxicated, is prone to blackouts incurring memory loss.  Rachel lies to her roommate Cathy (Laura Prepon) who thinks she still has a job, when in fact she rides the train into the city everyday from the suburbs.  Each day, as Rachel passes by her former home, she watches her ex-husband, Tom and his new wife Anna play out their life and wonders how Tom is experiencing life without her.  Rachel’s spying from the train also includes a couple – a few houses down from Tom and Anna – Megan and Scott Hipwell, whom she describes as the “perfect couple” and perceives that they are madly in love.  As Rachel suddenly finds herself with a new purpose after watching a certain occurrence take place on Megan’s deck, things begin to unravel and Rachel’s blackouts begin to change and reveal a whole new story.  This thriller delves into the seven deadly sins, especially lust, wrath and greed along with the nature of alcoholism and sociopathy.  The genre, though fiction, has more of a non-fiction vibe to it as it’s not over done and the plot is realistic enough given the characters’ personalities; I would recommend it to those of you who are avid based-on-a-true story watchers.  Personally, I’m more of a sci-fi/fantasy/mythical/unrealistic movie watcher but I could definitely appreciate the good acting and the real life-like storyline.

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