Fitness Friday

IMG_1070During my workouts I’ve realized that I could be doing something between  that it’s very easy to be productive between sets and exercises without giving yourself too much extra time to rest. We all need rest in between sets, whether it’s 10s or 180s so we might as well do something productive while we’re waiting for the energy in our muscles to be replenished by stored glycogen; the same goes for in between individual exercises

Stuff Best Done In Between Sets (Things that don’t take as much time)

-Put weights away that you aren’t using anymore (for example, if you’re doing pyramid training and done 65 lbs and now need to do 95 lbs, you can put those 10s away and go grab some 25s)

-Stretch it out!  If you’re feeling a little tight or not very warmed up in certain areas, give your arms or legs a swing or do a few seconds of quad pulls

-Start setting up your next exercise….ie. It’s leg day and you’re doing quad extensions right now right now.  On your 2nd last or last set, go to the squat rack and set up the weighs and the bar.

Not only will this save you time from having to do it after your quad extensions, it will also save you time from having to wait for the rack if the gym is busy (sometimes I’ve done random exercises that I didn’t need to do or have literally stood there and waited for the rack to be free…not fun!)

-If you’re currently in school…do a few flashcards!  You don’t have to do a full on study session at the gym – and shouldn’t anyways as you might be to distracted by all the noise to obtain a large amount of information – but you could bring around 8-10 flashcards and do 1 between each exercise till you’ve successfully learned and can remember the material.


Stuff Best Done In Between Exercises  (Things that take more time)

-Go to the bathroom…no one likes the “I gotta pee feeling ” while bending over to do some deadlifts

-Abs…we all hate them, but you might as well get ‘er done early rather than waiting until you’re dead at the end of your workout

-Answer your emails/texts – instead of wasting time while you’re at home doing this (when you could being doing something MORE productive like doing laundry or making meals). Just don’t get too caught up in them, otherwise you will be having a three hour workout!

-Time management!  Write your list of things that you need to do that day/week


Thanks for reading and tumhen pyaar!



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