Scrumptious Saturday


How To Make A Quickie Cream Sauce Pasta

What you need:

-Your favourite veggies

-Oil (Olive Oil is the best!)


-Boiling Water

-Whip Cream (or Milk mixed with a teaspoon or so of flour)

-Grated Cheese(s)

-White wine


What you do:

For the pasta: Fill up a sauce pan of water and heat until boiling, then turn down the burner and add the pasta.  You can cook it for as long as you’d like; some people like it more chewy, others don’t.  It’s best to keep the lid off because even at simmering, the water level can bubble up and make a mess (if it’s an electric glass-top burner…if not, it’s not as messy).  One more piece of advice before these instructions get too long…bulk cooking! Then you only gotta cook the pasta once in awhile!  While your pasta is cooking, grill up your protein (again, bulk cooking is the way to go).

For the veggies/sauce: Heat up the oil in the frying pan and once you can see the stem coming off the pan, add your veggies.  Keep in mind that things like onions and celery take longer to soften up, so you should put those in first and cook longer than your other veggies like red peppers and mushrooms.  Once all you veggies are softened up, add your seasoning and around 1/4-1/2 of your whip cream or milk/flour mixture and cheese.  Keep the pan on medium and then reduce to low as the sauce thickens (you don’t want the milk and cheese to burn!) and cook until the sauce has a consistency you like.



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