Beautiful Budhavaar (Wednesday): Poetry


Image Caption: The forests the “Grouse Grind on Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, B.C.

Home Love

I feel passion when I see her vast and glorious landscape

Something too amazing to simply watch on a tape

The familiar, yet unknown, trees

Flowers, beaches, parks, and honey bees

She’s got so many wonderful places to explore and know

I’ve yet to see them all, but I someday I’ll pack my bags and go

A joy so pure and homey rises within my heart

When I see her kids taking care of her, doing their part

Because she only deserves the best, my girl

She’s my home, my family, my friend, my place of sanctuary

The Parisians, they can have their Eiffel Tower

The Americans can keep their NYC and Hollywood Hills

Mexico, all the beaches, palms trees, and beating sun

Englishmen and women can have their castles and empire

The Italians may have all the pasta their hearts desire

The Germans their trains, and Australia’s animal hall of fame

Me, I’m just proud, greatful and content

That I’ve got le vrai “Belle Provence”

Oh BC, how I love thee

Happy (belated) BC Day!


Flag image retrieved fromΒ (Public Domain)

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