Review Ravivaar (Sunday): Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2


DISCLAIMER: I’ve found I can’t put as much as I’d like to into my reviews when I don’t allow myself to say much about the plot (I’m nice and wanted to have a nice a spoiler-free review, but it wasn’t really working)…so…DO NOT READ IF YOU DON’T LIKE SPOILERS! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! In short…

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!*****

Action packed, full of puns, innuendos, and good ol’ fashioned monster bashing, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is definitely one of my favourite Marvel films.  I really loved the good mix of adult and childish humour along with the “honest” dialogue that gave light to the situation that the characters found themselves in.  I.e. In reference to Peter’s god-looking-like-a-human-but-actually-super-evil-nutcase-father:

Rocket: You people have issues.

Peter Quill: Well of course I have issues, that’s my freaking father!

To business costs…labour, value, overhead…

Rocket: Are we really saving the galaxy, again?
Peter Quill: Yeah
Rocket: Great! We can jack up our prices if we’re two-time galaxy 

And probably my favourite lines as far as comedy…

Rocket: Does anybody have any tape out there? I wanna put some tape over the death button!
Peter Quill: Nobody has any tape!
Rocket: Not a single person has tape?
Peter Quill: You have an atomic bomb in your bag! If anyone is gonna have tape, it’s you!
Rocket: I have to do everything!
Peter Quill: You are wasting a lot of time here!
Baby Groot: I am Groot!
Rocket: That’s a really bad sign.

The reason I love this scene and it’s dialogue so much as it reflects on the ridiculousness and stupidity of people to be preoccupied by something in such a dire situation, where they should realistically be thinking on the spot – outside of the box – to do something quick and effective.  Like imagine if a ER doctor was ripping off a patient’s clothes to get to the wound site and was like: “Well shit, Susan.  He’s wearing Calvin Kleins, and they’re silk!  I can’t just rip of a pair of beauties like those.  We gotta lift his legs up and slide them ever so slightly down. Susan go get Bobby, we got a delicate case of silky panties here.  

All in all, a great movie fulfilling all the expectations of an enjoyable, hilarious, explosion-loaded superhero film.

Categorical Rankings

Cinematography (2.5/3) 

1 = What the hell is that doing there?  Why!??! Makes no sense at all…

2 =Appealing enough and suitable surroundings 2.5 Pretty damn good.

3 = Absolutely beautiful and spectacular surroundings, like ho-lee shit

Character Development (2.25/3)

1 = Who the f**k are these people?

2 = Ah, I see…not bad, not bad – genuinely good character development

3 = I’m in love, basically part of the family now…wonder where we’ll all be in the next movie…

2.25 – The movie isn’t really a style where there would be lots of character development throughout the film, I’d have to go back and watch the first movie to be a good judge on that. Overall though, I think they did a pretty good job with explaining who the new characters were (Ego, Nebula, the golden people) and adding bits and pieces to them as the film went on.

Costumes/Props (2.25/3)

1 = What was that thing? Why would they were that? Ewwww

2 = Cool stuff, I really like that thingy he had for the thingy he did 2.25

3 = I will buy replicas of all those swords.  And damn.  Dat hat,doe!

Overall Plot (2.5/3)

1 = Yawn,zzzzzz…. or what’s going on? This is dumb as bricks 

2 = That was satisfying, not to shabby at all. 2.5 It’s a Marvel film after all so I take the plot with a grain of salt.  I did really enjoy Peter’s family history being uncovered, though and I thought the golden people were an interesting concept; considering the cutscene, looks like we’ll be seeing them in the next GOTG instalment.

3 = Amazing! Wow – best movie I’ve seen this year…I could watch this a dozen more times

Total: 9.5/12

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