Musical Monday: Love The Way You Lie Part II

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Photo Credits: Whatever company did this album cover.

Piano Video:

Absolutely one of my favourite Ri Ri songs – it is another beautiful ballad (you may have noticed I have the hots for those!) that, despite it’s heartwarming melody, has dark lyrics that surround the theme of domestic abuse and mental illness.  It’s full of so much conflicting emotions from both sides of a broken relationship – Rihanna’s  sad and sarcastic “willingness” to be hurt; Eminem’s anger and frustration at himself and his partner for all the fighting that has happened – not quite wanting to detach from all the suffering, but not necessarily wanting to continue with it.  The song doesn’t say it, but I think if the song were a person it would be saying:

“I’m sorry for all the hurt, but deep down I really love you, but struggle to show it.”

“I really want to keep loving you, but you’re making it difficult.  I’ll stand here and take it, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to.”

I’ve never been abused in any sort of relationship (not including elementary school bullying), but have been pretty hard to live with in the past as I suffer from anxiety and have one hell of a temper on my worst days.  I’ve improved a lot in the past 7 years, but there’s been many times where I’ve verbally abused my parents to the very edge.  I wish I could go back, but I can’t, and I’m truly sorry.  Like Eminem, my anger can also seem very hateful, when in fact I care a lot about something and don’t know how to express it – so I just swear and yell.  I might not be a big fan of Marshall Mathers’ music but I can appreciate where his style comes from as I can relate to his intense thoughts and energy.


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