Not Sticky, but definitely WickeD: My NYE 2018 Adventure


fireworks-rocket-new-year-s-day-new-year-s-eve-40663.jpgThough I didn’t plan on it, I had a pretty eventful night last night. With 3 shots of vodka in me, I went to The Sticky Wicket pub/dance floor and had drinks with a couple of friends;They ended up leaving around 11:00pm while a couple of girls joined me at my table.  One of the girls, whom I will call Jade, started chatting about the stupidity of holidays and how New Year’s is the only one that actually celebrates a physical change –  a new orbital period of the Earth moving in its orbit around the Sun. We also thought that being a cat instead of a human would be pretty cool.  Jade went to the bar to flirt for drinks while I chatted up her friend, whom I will call Abby.  We became snapchat buds and exchanged our why-we-are-here-on-NYE-stories.

Jade came back with a tequila shot for me and I flirted a little more with her. We then made out and went to dance…such a ladies’ man aren’t I?!  At this point, if the night ended I would’ve called NYE a success…being single, I don’t have too much lip-lock action and I’ve always really loved kissing.  Jade went to go pee and was not seen for the rest of the night.  Just after she’d left, I danced with three gorgeous Rihanna-esque girls and did my signature middle-of-the-circle-breakdancing.  One of them was very, very drunk – while swaying, she was moving around me and the other two girls in an orbital-like fashion. I’m really surprised she didn’t keel over.  After about 10 minutes of this, I went to check on Abby.  Understandably, she wasn’t too happy as she was now alone with all her friend’s shit for – what it looked like to be – the rest of the night.  Being the kind human I am, I decided to spend New Year’s eve with a stranger.  After another tequila shot, we did the countdown together and she turned to me for the midnight snog.  Wow, what did I do to deserve to be so lucky?!  Considering that Abby and I couldn’t find Jade amoungst the crowd – holy cow it was a clusterfuck of cows in there…all the black and white outfits and weird noises – we brought Jade’s bag and coat to the lost and found at the front desk of the Strathcona Hotel (the hotel connected to the pub).

Going back outside (we had to get out of the pub to get to the hotel), Abby and I ran into a random 30 year old blonde dude whom chatted with us about the importance of young guys these days not knowing how to have good sex.  He said “I feel sorry for all the young girls these days, guys watch too much porn now and think that just jackhammering women is how sex works; they’re wrong, you gotta make a lady feel good”.   I was impressed.  The three of us also talked about tits vs ass and naughty bit pics; Abby and I proceeded to grabbing his booty. After this captivating intellectual conversation, Abby and I parted ways – she finally found her other friends and went to Distrikt nightclub, and I headed back to Sticky Wicket to find a friend that also happened to be there.

I danced with my friend for a bit and had a good grind sesh with this very nice looking blonde girl before I wound up dancing with a handsome hunky black dude. I wonder if he sensed I was a lesbo… I did feel up his pecs, butt, and waist a lot… We made out quite a bit and grinded until he decided to pull his junk out and try to make me grab it; I didn’t judge him or anything as he wasn’t forceful just horny and playful, but I politely said good-bye and headed home.

That was my New Year’s adventure this year!

Not Sticky, but definitely WickeD: My NYE 2018 Adventure

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