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For those of you who don’t have the time or desire to find out much about me, here is the short form of my “About Me” page (click here to read the long version, if you’re bored or just want to stalk me).

I’m Vancouver Island born and raised circa July 13, 1997 to a couple of awesome parents whom I am very appreciative to have been blessed with.¬† In my childhood and adolescence I engaged in a variety of activities such as hockey (I played for 8 years), piano lessons, skateboarding, tennis, video games, film making, and outdoor adventures with friends.¬† Some of these things I don’t do much of anymore and some I still do…you can browse the rest of this site to attest to that.¬† I attended Catholic Schools for 13 years, which I must say I fell did help me to be a nicer person, however, I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination.¬† I do have respect for those who are and carry about it in a decent manner.¬† Though K-Gr. 7 was a pretty dope time, I became depressed in grade 8 and have slowly been driving the bumpy road ever since.¬† I’ve been challenged by anxiety, low-self esteem, shyness, eating disorders amoung other things.¬† It’s not been an easy highway to drive on, but I can’t say I’ve ever driven off the cliff; I’ve come a long way and have much work to do but I do have lots of hope in myself despite my occasional (okay…often-used) dark humour and pessimism.

I’ve found weightlifting at the gym and coming to terms with my bisexuality/homosexuality (honestly, I’ve no idea what to call myself…but seriously, who cares…women are bloody hot and guys can be nice to gawk at too) are a couple of things that have made me the happiest in the past 5 years.¬† Education-wise, I finished my associate’s degree in pre-medicine at Camosun College and am now attending UVic to complete my bachelor’s degree in biopsychology.¬† I love the brain and hope to go to medical school some day; school’s been pretty stressful the past year and I’ve come to the consensus that giving a crap – at a point – is too exhausting and I don’t care if medical school doesn’t think I’m good enough.¬† I know I’ll do something with my life, I will.¬† Unless of course Trump nukes the place beforehand…

Lastly, I’ve enjoyed creating and uploading content to this website as it gives me a sense of purpose and I find it puts my diverse “jack of all trades” skillset to use. ¬†Not to say that I’m too great at everything, just respectably knowledgable at a few things in life. ¬†The main genres of content that I will putting on the site are: entertainment, advice, and education which I feel can cover a broad range of topics. ¬†At some point I would like to have the ability to monetize this site and make a bit of income off of it to help pay for the expense of medical school (or if I ditch that idea, a house). ¬†Also, I really would like to write a trilogy of novels some day that give my perspective on life through the style of urban-fantasy. ¬† One final note, please send me any suggestions or content for posting!



Shauna Nedelec



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