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Last Updated: Sunday, February 4th, 2018


Disclaimer and Acknowledgement Statements

The information contained on website (the “Service”) is for general information purposes only.

The Vibrant Islander assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service.

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This Disclaimer (portion above) is licensed by TermsFeed to The Vibrant Islander.

What the Vibrant Islander is for:

1.) Helping people improve their physical and mental health through scientific research or personally proved research.

Example: Study on decreasing bad cholesterol or an individual’s success in overcoming depression

2.) Encouraging individuals and groups an of individuals to strive to be more sustainable by showing how sustainability can be time-effective, cost effective, and pleasurable.

Example: Buying local, short showers, DIY

3.) Inspiring others to live a pleasureable and productive life through quotes, stories, and poetry.

Example: “Be yourself”, fiction story about kindness, love poem.

4.) Entertainment through various art forms in various styles that is, on the whole, not degrading anyone.

Example:  Memes, photos, articles; dark humour, sarcasm, inspiration, thrilling, mystery.


What the Vibrant Islander isn’t for:

1.) Judge people on who they are as a living human being.

2.) Forcing people to be sustainable or belittling those who, for the majority of the time, are not sustainable.


You’re a horrible person because you drive to work

You can only be sustainable by biking everywhere


3.) Basing human worth on perfection or claiming that pleasure or productivity, by itself = a happy life


  • Bob is a stupid person because he got divorced
  • Watching TV is always more pleasureable than helping people
  • Going to work is always more productive than doing something at home

4.) Entertainment that promotes abuse to one’s self, others, the environment, or animals as morally correct

Example: Slut shaming, trophy hunting, real life violence (shootings, bullying), voluntary pollution.


The Vibrant Islander does claim:

1.) To be a current undergraduate student passing on information based on scientific studies or personal experiences.

2.) To do their best to sustainable each and every day.

3.) To always post with the sole desire to help and/or entertain.

4.) To post entertainment with certain humour that MAY or MAY NOT offend people.


The Vibrant Islander does not claim:

1.) To be any sort of registered medical or counselling professional.

2.) To be perfect at being sustainable in general.

3.) That any or all posts will appeal to everyone.

4.) To have the intention or desire of offending anyone with certain humour

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