What You Need To Know

If you’ve done any searching on the internet about weight loss, building muscle, six packs, eating healthy, or getting strong, you’ll find countless articles on all these topics.  Some are awesome, others so-so, some complete bullshit, and some way too scientific for Margaret Jones who just wants to get rid of her 50 lbs of unwanted and well accumulated extra adipose tissue — she doesn’t really need to know about the difference between multiple types of creatine or why incline bench presses can help strengthen one’s bench press. Though these are useful things to know for powerlifting, wanting to gain muscle size, or endurance training, they are not essential pieces of knowledge for losing weight. More importantly, why am I bringing this up? Common sense is the theme here. The reality is that we only have so much time and energy each to learn about and plod along our path of health and fitness – so we just can’t learn all the non-necessary and necessary material if we want to achieve our goals in a reasonable time…unless of course you want to spend all your time reading health and fitness articles and meeting your expectations over triple the length of time; reading about every building block up from the foundations to the multitude of areas of health and fitness is like taking a full year of courses…the tests being your ability to follow all the rules to successfully reach your goals to the maximum perfection. My goal with this section of TheVibrantIslander is to condense and simplify as much health and fitness information as I can so that individuals need not to search everywhere for information. I am no Ph.D in exercise or nutrition and will source and site all information I provide from reputable sources so that my viewers won’t think that I’m pulling all this out of my ass (the only thing I seem to pull out of my ass these days are long brown hairs that have mysteriously migrated there from some clothing item of mine in the churning of the dryer and/or washing machine).

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