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I’ve made ~ $300 in E-Gift Cards with these apps over the past 3 years and it’s not like I spend much time at all on them, it’s sort of like the interest you get in your investments – you put a small amount of time and effort into making the bank appointments and decision making of where you’re going to put things, maybe check and shift them around periodically – all of a sudden it all adds up and you’ve got $50 out of the blue!

Mobile Expression


What it is: The goal of MobileXpression is to develop a better understanding of the trends and patterns affecting the mobile Internet. Just as television uses ratings to determine which programs are the highest rated and most watched, MobileXpression uses the knowledge of its members’ mobile Internet habits to determine the popularity and importance of various mobile web sites and applications. Companies can then use this market research to make informed decisions regarding their mobile marketing strategies. Retrieved from https://www.mobilexpression.com/FAQ.aspx#Section1_1_1

Catch: No catch really, besides the fact that your internet habits are monitored.

Tricks to do well: Sign up on all your mobile devices!

Rewards: E-Cards for Starbucks, Paypal, and Amazon (takes 5 weeks to get $5 card and 8 weeks to get $10 card).

Link: https://www.mobilexpression.com/Eligible2.aspx



What it is: Get paid for doing surveys, shopping online, watching videos, playing games, subscriptions, search engine random search points.

Catch: Sometimes surveys can be hard to qualify for or are time consuming, videos take awhile to add up.

Rewards: E-Cards for Starbucks, Paypal, Amazon, Bath & Bodyworks, Charities, etc.

Tricks to do well: Check to see if stores you regularly buy from are listed in the Shop  section, play videos in background muted while you’re doing other stuff on the computer, refer your friends!

Link: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ShaunzyNedz

Globaltest Market


What it is: Exclusively Surveys

Rewards: Ultimate dining E-Card, Starbucks E-Card, Amazon E-Card, Paypal E-Card, etc.

Catch: You won’t always qualify for surveys.

Tricks to do well: Honestly, just BS your way through them as it will make it much faster, it’s not like you’re helping anyone in need.  It’s just for big companies to find out who to market products through.

Link: Send me an email and I’ll hook you up!

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