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Feel free to post your rants, raves, bitch-fests, frustrations, things that grind your gears…have atter!!! Just type it in the “leave a comment below” spot.

15 thoughts on “The Rant Page

  1. SSRI side effects: nausea, diherrea lack of libido, suicidal thoughts, loss of energy, sleepiness, being extremely calm while panicking thereby confusing the shit out of your autonomic nervous system and leaving it frozen in frightening and powerless zen that may or may not induce tears of dispair.

    Whelp, they left that last one out.


  2. Person: How’s your day going? I learned nothing in three lectures as my brain doesn’t like to concentrate anymore and I lost my phone once and almost twice in the same place. So I guess you could say that’s a step up from a panic attack and crying under a tree for 10 solid minutes. FML.


  3. I want to shoot myself. This fucking workout took so long if I would’ve done the last exercises and my usual cardio bout I would’ve taken 3 hours to complete it! Who has time for this shit?!? Like 2.5 hours max and it better be a uber dope fun-filled sweat fest. Anyhow, I caution those who want to do arms of Arnold Schwarteneggar’s “Blueprint to Cut”; it could even rival the treadmill’s boredom scale.


  4. When you go to the wrong room for your own meeting that you planned yourself. FML.


  5. When you’re in a 3rd year biochem course and you still don’t quite grasp the concept a of log,pka,ph,mol or ka. FML


  6. Just so y’all are aware…always wear a helmet biking and skiing and any other sporting activities and don’t eat brains – you could become a mad cow.


  7. It’s always “just one more coffee” for me. Then I’m an hour late for something.


  8. My hands are on fire and I’ve got “Fight Night” stuck in my head so feeling kinda like a badass right now, maybe it’ll help me type and think faster?!

    Hit the letter with the left, hit the space with the right
    I’ma knock the article out like fight night

    Note to self: When cutting jalape√Īo peppers, use rubber gloves.

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  9. When people don’t hold the door open for the people behind them so it slams in your face !! I ALWAYS HOLD IT! Why cant you hold it for 2 seconds even so i can grab it myself ? I was directly behind you , what did you think was going to happen? Its going to slam into my short 5″4 body


  10. When people yell at you for not boiling the water to it’s full capacity even though they’re not drinking it. One, IT will not affect you. Two, who gives a flying f**k as to what I’m drinking? Three, I’m not being wasteful as I plan on drinking the whole pot. Four, I have anger issues so this is not helping me be calm. Five, mind your own goddamn business!!!


  11. Why don’t people I know get the hint when I say “please go away before I say something rude and disgusting”…they know I’m capable of being an asshole…so I’m warning them. #facepalm


  12. When you go in a time warp back 16 weeks to exam studying as you’re up late blogging trying to finish an article…sigh…guess I should be getting used to this.


  13. The less I do the less I want to do, somedays I just want to stare at the wall with a cup of coffee. I’m a closeted caffeine stoner.


  14. So, I’m really into the neuro part of biology and often tell my sciency friend that “brains make me cum”…just made that joke through our messenger chat and he replied with a photo of a neuron captioned: “hope you don’t like the clothes you’re wearing too much”. I’m like: “huh, what about neurons?”

    And then I realized. I had just failed at understanding my own joke thrown right back at me. FML


  15. I try so damn hard to be the best person I can be despite my multitude of flaws….I ALWAYS take responsibility for my words and actions and make sure that I apologize for my wrong doings. It’s so frustrating when you screw up and get so much shit for it….like all those other 100 nice things you did weren’t even noticed. It’s like getting pissed off at people who are trying to be sober/clean and and lose it one night in a bottle of whiskey or a line of coke. Who cares if they were good for 5 months? They just ruined everything…stupid people. This sort of thinking goes nowhere if the person, like me, genuinely tries to become a better person; like shit, this stuff doesn’t happen overnight. Takes years to get over flaws and bad habits that need eliminating. Wow. I’m actually angry typing as I’m doing this.


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