Multipurpose Indoor/Outdoor Labouring


Caption: Freshly mowed lawn on Gordon Head waterfront property; smooth and short as UVic’s soccer turf! (May 4th, 2017).



Caption: Weeding in Oak Bay (May 9th, 2017).

Caption: Weeding at a reoccurring client in Oak Bay, not easy to tell the before and after differences here as most things I took care of were small weeds, dead stalks and flowers, and evened out the soil (May 10th, 2017).


Caption: Before and after of 3.5 hours of pickaxing out grass for a flour bed in Tillicum Neighbourhood (May 20th, 2017).

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Caption: Weeding at the neighbours! May 22nd, 2017



Caption: My first tree trimming job! May 29th, 2017

As it is very difficult in Victoria to get work with a simple Associate’s Degree in Science, us hardworking students have to defer to labouring in the household and garden rather than a microbiology lab, stem cell research centre, or a patient’s bedside.  It’s not my first choice, but I’m not resentful – it’s good exercise and people are willing to pay decent money for hard work.


My rate is $20 per hour; I can do a quicker less OCD perfected job in a shorter amount of time or I can do a longer OCD-perfected job in a longer amount of time – just let me know which you prefer!

There will be an additional fee IF you live outside my area (i.e. Langford, Sooke, or Sydney).  The exact charge will depend on km.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for the any of the following jobs:




-Flower/Veggie Planting

-Hedge/Tree Trimming







What else do you need?!

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